Welsh labour slammed for betraying Wales in Westminster vote

Elfed Wyn Jones

A crucial motion was tabled by the SNP tonight at Westminster, a vote that would’ve guaranteed that the Welsh Assembly, our Government and the Scottish Government would have a voice in the brexit proceedings to ensure the best for our Nation.

It was expected that the motion would be voted down by the Mps in Westminster, especially the Tories, but what shocked everyone was that members of Welsh Labour either voted against the motion, or abstained from it – leaving Wales at Westminster’s peril once more.

People furious about the vote commented “Why do we even pretend this is a union again?” to point out the hypocrisy of how Scotland and Wales we’re betrayed. Others also angry commented “Ah, the so called “union of equals” strikes again.” stressing clearly how unfair it is that Wales and Scotland are lacking a voice by the brexit table.

The Welsh Labour MPs in The Senedd have shown a complete difference attitude to their counterparts in Westminster – This is proof that the schism between Labour in the Assembly and Labour in Westminster has never been wider, and widen it will under these circumstances.

What this has shown the Welsh people is that the Labour party would rather Wales be kept aside in the brexit discussions, rather than putting the needs of the People of Wales at the forefront of the debates.

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Will we stand much longer for this? Does Wales deserve to suffer under the cruel will of the Tories and the hopless indifference of Labour?