Old Colwyn Man Targeted By Arsonists For Flying the Welsh Flag.

Picture from Social media

It surfaced on social media yesterday that a man from Old Colwyn had been a victim of an arson attack that saw his shed burnt to ashes where he sought temporary sanctuary as a homeless man.

The man in question claimed he had flown the Welsh flag and painted a Cofiwch Dryweryn mural on the shed, and in his opinion, this was the motive for the arson attack.

Copies of the original Cofiwch Dryweryn mural have been painted all over the nation recently as retaliation following the destruction of the original painted by Meic Stevens near Llanrhystud, Ceredigion.

The destruction of this mural was treated by the police as a hate crime and some people have also referred this arson attack as a clear hate crime:

”Glad you’re all ok, I hope the perpetrators are caught, it’s definitely a hate crime, people are beginning to wake up and others are scared.”

The local council was involved in the cleanup but issued removal of all Welsh flags as for fear it may be antagonistic.

Owner of the property offers a £200 reward to any persons who can give information that leads to a conviction.